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The Ballad of me.

2009-01-27 23:08:49 by cookietimekid

My buddie nick, made a flash about me. Its amazing, and basicly spot on. Watch now!----V
ballad of joe


2008-11-05 22:52:02 by cookietimekid


Hey guys, i'm working on my next flash right now. It will be called "Don't worry be happy MV" hope that doesn't give away yo much C: I will have a 30 second preview coming out in aboot 2 or 3 days.


2008-10-16 23:50:38 by cookietimekid

Hey, guys im joe my art works amazing i just made my first flash called pointless rocket and i did it with my buddy fluffy. fluffy does all the voices and lipsincing and animations and im her to do the graphics.

P.S. i have bads grammar